Events Today: September 24, 2023


King Margo

The Ark 316 S. Main, Ann Arbor

King Margo is Lucciana Costa and Rachel Coats, who grew up 40 minutes apart but didn't meet until many years later in the middle of a Kentucky field. Lucciana grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, discovering the slide guitar at 12 years old, which led to her playing in several local bands throughout her teens. Rachel, from Toledo, Ohio, also cut her teeth on the local gig scene with her musically inclined family. Both women spent their 20s building a steady rotation of live shows, studio work and a gun-for-hire reputation as multi-instrumentalists. Rachel was selected to join several international touring artists in the folk-pop realm on bass and vocals. Lucciana focused on songwriting and composition, spending half a decade in Los Angeles honing her craft and scoring films and commercials. Eventually Lucciana and Rachel found themselves in Nashville, both hired for the same touring band where they met for the first time. They connected instantly, both musically and personally, and the seeds for what would eventually become King Margo were planted. They are songs carefully crafted after a long year of hibernation and a new awareness of how lucky it is to be able to bring music to the world. Rob Reinhart of Acoustic Cafe praises King Margo for “great stories in beautifully crafted acoustic songs with the sweetest harmonies you’ll hear this year.” King Margo comes to Michigan with a new release, “Waters Rise,” that features intricately arranged soaring harmonies.