Organization Profile

Mission Statement

The Ark is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enrichment of the human spirit through the presentation, preservation and encouragement of folk, roots and ethnic music and related arts. The Ark provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all people to listen to, learn about, perform, and share music.

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024

The work and accomplishments of The Ark’s previous five-year plan (FY2015-2019) set the stage for a new era at The Ark.  Generous support from our communities during that time enabled us to purchase The Ark’s space, pay off the mortgage, and complete major renovations and updates, providing The Ark with unprecedented security and capacity.  We began our FY2020-2024 plan poised to further develop The Ark’s leadership role as we continue to advance its mission of enriching human spirits through the power of music.  First quarter of calendar year 2022 found The Ark mid-plan in the midst of a changed and changing world.  We’ve updated The Ark’s Strategic Vision for the remainder of our current plan accordingly.
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Annual Report 2019

For 55 years The Ark has been enriching the human spirit through the presentation, preservation, and encouragement of folk, roots and ethnic music and related arts. THANK YOU for supporting The Ark!
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Annual Meeting

As set forth in The Ark’s By-laws, The Ark holds the Annual Meeting of its membership in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The meeting is held on the fourth Monday of November, if it is not a legal holiday, and if it is a legal holiday, then on the next business day or another date designated by the Executive Board.

Written notice of the annual meeting stating the place, date, and hour of the meeting is given to each member entitled to vote at the meeting. All current Ark members and anyone who has been an Introductory Member during the past fiscal year are welcome to attend.

Per the By-laws, the membership elects Executive Board members, as needed, at this meeting and may conduct other membership ­related business. Occasionally, the Charter Members may be called upon to update or amend sections of The Ark’s By-laws. The Annual Meeting is also an opportunity for the Executive Board and Ark staff to provide the membership with the Annual Report and an overview of the current state of The Ark.
The next Annual Meeting will be November 27, 2023. 

Statement on Systemic Racism and Injustice

The Ark stands unquestioningly in solidarity with the Black community against the violence and inequity of systemic racism.
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Guidestar Profile

The Ark is one of few nonprofit music venues of its kind left in the country, and its mission-focused programming allows it to play a critical role in preserving and encouraging folk music and folk artists on an international level.  As a community-based organization, The Ark is committed to transparency.
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