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Friday, May 4, 2018

The Mammals // Seth Bernard

  • Doors Open: 7:30 pm
  • Show Starts: 8:00 pm
  • Ticket Price: $20
  • Genre: Contemporary Songwriters & Groups

New songwriting from New York and Michigan


A double bill! Seth Bernard has made folk music happen in Michigan. Born and raised on Earthwork Farm in rural northern Michigan, Seth was brought up in the folk and farmstead culture with an enriching integrative experience of the arts, agriculture, and community. In 2001, Seth founded Earthwork Music, a Michigan-based collective of independent musicians who focus their efforts on environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building. As the Artistic Director of “The Quest”, Seth has partnered with SEEDS, the Library of Congress and the National Parks Service to bring experiential arts and ecological education to children in Northern Michigan in after-school programs and summer camps. As the Director of the Musical Ambassador Program for On the Ground, Seth has helped cultivate partnerships and cultural exchanges between communities in southern Mexico, Ethiopia and eastern Congo and communities in Michigan with a focus on direct collaboration between youth.

The Mammals are back! In the 2000s they were "a party band with a conscience," travelling across North America, Europe and Australia for seven years culminating in a performance at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. In 2017 when the cultural-political world changed around them, Mike + Ruthy (of The Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band) decided, after consulting with now retired Mammals co-founder Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, to pursue a change of their own: to resurrect the name and rekindle the vision that had previously been at the core. In bringing back the name that energised crowds back then, Ruthy says: "We've always been Mammals at heart. The music we're making has the same old-time and Americana roots, and our lyrics are more political again." Of the new Mammals single, No Depression writes:"The Mammals' newest tune, 'Culture War,’ gets right to the heart of the fight for the American soul.”

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The Mammals


Seth Bernard

"Hangman's Reel" The Mammals Winter Hoot 2018

Seth Bernard - "Bluetooth Pillow"