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Ron Pope

Marietta, Georgia native and Nashville-via-New York transplant Ron Pope has been making irresistibly melodic songwriter pop since 2008, when he released his full-length debut album, "Daylight." The following year, he went viral with his single "A Drop in the Ocean," which racked up more than 30 million plays on Spotify. Ron has made music for major labels, for independents, and on his own, but whatever the medium, his music has gathered a community that has only continued to grow during the coronavirus pandemic. Since July 23, 2020, he has been releasing a song every two weeks and doing online shows weekly. He also has a brand new album, "Bone Structure." If you know Ron Pope, you'll be hearing lots of new music on this Folk Festival show. If you don't yet, then get ready for a major discovery—an artist who combines an exploratory spirit with the popular touch and a glorious voice.