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Raul Malo

When Raul Malo came on the scene as the lead singer of The Mavericks, he already had a sound that didn't fit the usual categories, and a luxuriant voice that brought to mind Roy Orbison. The Mavericks were a country band, but there was always more to the Mavericks than country: a Latin tinge, seriously ambitious songwriting, and a big dose of pure pop passion. For Raul Malo, The Mavericks were just a beginning of an American musical journey. He has sung in English and Spanish, and he's at home with rock, country, Cuban music, and the big-band jazz that fits his romantic vocals so beautifully. He's sung Latin rock, acoustic Americana, and even children's music. And his voice has only improved with age. It's a stunning instrument that has the rare quality of being big and intimate at the same time. Raul did some memorable Ark shows over the past 15 years, but he's mostly outgrown the place, and we've mostly had to co-present him with larger venues. Raul has been quite active during pandemic with a series of online "Quarantunes," and we're honored to present him as part of the 2021 Ann Arbor Folk Festival.