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The Lone Bellow

When songwriter Zach Williams met guitarist and fellow Southerner Brian Elmquist and vocalist Kanene Donehey Pipkin at Dizzy's Diner in Brooklyn for breakfast one morning in 2010, the trio decided to jam. "Three songs in," Williams recalls, "I decided I should quit what I'm doing and just make music with these people." The trio's music is exuberant in its playing, welcoming in its attitude. Though the lyrics have a melancholic undercurrent, the tracks are more often rave-ups than ruminations, with swelling three-part harmonies and rousing group-sung choruses. The name "The Lone Bellow" refers to a lonely bull Zach Williams heard on a childhood family trip. Indeed, there is a strong familial feel to The Lone Bellow, a recurring theme of inclusiveness. They bring to the Folk Festival a new album "Walk into a Storm," produced by Nashville studio great Dave Cobb.