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Elliott BROOD

Elliott BROOD is a three-piece, folk-rock/alt-country band based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Their brand of “fuzzed-up” roots music makes for a captivating and frenetic live performance. That energy has always translated to the band’s five acclaimed records. Their style has been called everything from "blackgrass" to "urban hillbilly," but those descriptions don't cover their unique approach. Elliott BROOD has toured extensively throughout Canada and internationally. They are known for their raw and energetic gigs and close interaction with their audience. Elliott BROOD use dark elements to create illustrative songs. They often use actual historical events in their songwriting. The manage to connect the past with the present. Their lyrical content is dark, while the music is upbeat. Call it new Canadiana, or folk-punk, or whatever you like—this is something new from north of the border.