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Dar Williams

Dar Williams has always followed her muse. When she was in Somerville, Massachusetts, in the early 1990s, knowing that she wanted to pursue music or theater, she worked backstage at the Opera Company of Boston and wrote plays on the side. But she was in Boston, and the muse led her into the myriad open mics and tip jar gigs of booming folk revival. She opened a trunk of old songs and started writing new ones. Dar still loves every minute of her job and always advises folks to “follow their muse.” She still goes wherever the muse leads her, which, presently, is right back on her couch, coffee on the coffee table, guitar in hand, writing her next batch of songs. In the words of Rolling Stone, Dar takes "an aggressive, honest stance on everything from gender norms to aging." She's also an accomplished author of two children's books and What I Found in a Thousand Towns, a gleaning of her hard-earned wisdom of the road.