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Colin Hay

Scotland-born Australian artist Colin Hay is a master of the one-man show. Armed with an acoustic guitar, his rich memorable voice, and decades of road experience, he is an entertainer in the true sense of the word. Colin's show takes his audience on a journey through song and stories (and poetry on occasion), and that journey is an experience not to be missed. "Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he'll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you," says the Houston Chronicle. The set list for Colin's solo shows mixes tracks from his extensive catalog as a solo songwriter, new music, and, of course, from his time with the monumentally successful Men at Work. Colin comes to the Folk Festival with a new song, "Now and the Evermore," which features his wife, the sensational Peruvian songwriter Cecilia Noël, and an as-yet-untitled recording to be released on the Compass label.