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Calexico and Iron & Wine

Calexico and Iron & Wine first made an artistic connection with "In the Reins," the 2005 EP that brought Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), Joey Burns, and John Convertino together. Their paths diverged, but they kept in touch when they could. They often talked about rekindling their collaboration in the studio and on stage, but it wasn’t until last year that their schedules aligned, which allowed them to create a new album, "Years to Burn." The music brings together Sam Beam's sparse, soulful arrangements and quietly smooth vocals with the moody Southwest Americana of Calexico, and it's a marriage made in musical heaven. Writes Stephen Thompson of NPR: "They all sound comfortable, collaborating deep in the pocket, but they're still exploring." Calexico and Iron & Wine headline the Friday night bill of the 2020 Ann Arbor Folk Festival.