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About The Ark’s Governance Policies

In June of 2010, The Ark’s Board of Directors approved a series of governance policies in compliance with new nonprofit disclosure requirements from the IRS Form 990. (The 990 is the annual federal tax form that all nonprofit organizations with gross annual receipts of $25,000 or more are required to file.) This change in nonprofit reporting requirements parallels the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for publically-owned corporations following the Enron scandal.

The current Form 990 disclosures do not require but strongly encourage nonprofit boards to adopt a variety of board policies regarding governance practices. Suggestions for nonprofits go beyond Sarbanes-Oxley in some instances. The IRS has indicated they will use the Form 990 as an enforcement tool.

We are pleased to be in compliance with the disclosure requirements and the best practices that many of these policies represent. In the interest of transparency, select Ark Governance Policies are posted here.

Communicating a Concern Regarding Compliance

Any person who wants to communicate a concern regarding The Ark’s compliance with a legal requirement or written Ark policy is encouraged to begin by contacting their direct supervisor. As an alternative, communication may be made to the Executive Director, Board Chair, or, in the event of a concern related to finance or financial controls, the Audit Committee Chair.

Points of contact are listed below. Communication may be made in person, by phone or in writing. All such communications will be handled with sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality to the extent allowed by the circumstances and the law. They will be reviewed and addressed by appropriate Ark representatives with assistance from other Ark functions and others, as needed. A reply will be given once the issue has been reviewed.

Ark policy expressly prohibits any board member, employee or volunteer from retaliating or taking any adverse action against anyone who, in good faith, raises or helps to resolve credible concerns regarding Ark policy or legal issues.

Direct Supervisor for Club Volunteers and Assistant House Managers:
Volunteer and House Manager
Alison Reed
(734) 761-1800 ext. 29

Direct Supervisor for Production Volunteers:
Club Manager
Emily Ross
(734) 761-1800 ext. 23

Executive Director
Marianne James
(734) 761-1800 ext. 24

Board Chair
Kathryn Huss
(734) 647-0517

Audit Committee Co-Chair
Bob Guenzel

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