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Code of Ethics for Finance

All transactions of The Ark shall be properly accounted for on The Ark’s books. This is essential to the integrity of The Ark’s financial reporting.

Accordingly, in addition to compliance with The Ark’s overall Standards of Conduct, it is the special obligation of all finance personnel of The Ark:

  • To ensure that all financial data and other information contained in our reports are accurate, complete, timely, understandable, and present the facts fairly;
  • To uphold honest and ethical conduct, especially in relation to the handling of any actual or apparent conflict of interest;
  • To report any conflict of interest (actual or apparent), any violation or suspected violation of this code of ethics, or any unusual financial event;
  • To ensure that The Ark is in full compliance with the law, all applicable rules and regulations and Ark policies, both in letter and in spirit.

Any volunteer, employee, officer or director of The Ark who violates this code of ethics is subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination from Board or volunteer service or termination of employment. 

Approved June 28, 2010