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The Martha Redbone Roots Project Tuesday August 6, 2013
  The Martha Redbone Roots Project
  Show starts at 8 pm
Doors open at 7:30 pm
  Buy Online ($17.50)
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"A major find"—Robert Christgau.

Martha Redbone is a Native American voice beloved by music connoisseurs and recognized by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian, which has collected and presented her work. Redbone’s music flows equally from her father’s North Carolina gospel legacy, proudly on display in her unique, award-winning blend of Native American elements with soul and funk on her previous recordings, and her deep roots in Appalachian folk and Piedmont blues favored by the matriarchy that raised her on a rich sojourn from Clinch Mountain, Virginia to Harlan County, Kentucky and beyond to Brooklyn’s mean streets. Her new album, "The Garden of Love—Songs of William Blake," was recorded in Nashville, and Americana is her natural homecoming, sonic and otherwise. Martha Redbone has accomplished something very much like nothing that's ever been done before! She takes the immortal words of poet William Blake, the great Romantic visionary from 18th-century England, and sets them in the Appalachian Mountains, bringing her uniquely soulful voice to hollered melodies, lullabies, ancient chants and inspired hymns. The result is a wondrous folk, country, gospel, and blues recital in which the songs feel like timeless mountain classics with lyrics that are startlingly fresh and strikingly relevant.

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