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Jake Shimabukuro - SOLD OUT Wednesday August 14, 2013
  Jake Shimabukuro - SOLD OUT
  Show starts at 8 pm
Doors open at 7:30 pm
  Buy Online ($35)
  Buy In Person
  Seating Chart

The Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele!

When he was just four, Hawaii-born Jake Shimabukuro (she-ma-BOO-koo-row) got his first ukulele lesson from his mother. "When I played my first chord I was hooked," says Jake, " I fell in love with the instrument". That love grew into a deep passion to create and innovate. Renowned for lightning-fast fingers and revolutionary playing techniques, Jake views the ukulele as an "untapped source of music with unlimited potential." His virtuosity defies label or category. Playing jazz, blues, funk, classical, bluegrass, folk, flamenco, and rock, Jake is a virtuoso on a mission to show everyone that the ukulele is capable of much more than the traditional Hawaiian music many associate it with. Think "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Bach. Japanese koto music. "Thriller." And the list goes on and on. You won't believe it!

Visit Jake Shimabukuro - SOLD OUT on the web

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